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Windows VPS – How To Host Multiple Sites On Same IP Address – SSL Port 443 – IIS 8.0 And Up

It is very easy to host multiple websites in IIS 8.0 and above, on same IP Address, using the SSL port 443. You no longer need to buy additional IP Addresses from your hosting provider. The IP costs around $3 per month. Why waste money on that?

Make sure you are using IIS version 8.0 and above. Starting version 8.0 IIS provides option for “SNI” which is “Server Name Identification”, it is now supported by almost all modern browsers, so no hesitation in using “SNI”.

When adding websites, bindings make sure you select “All Unassigned” in the IP list box. And then check the “Server Name Identification (SNI)” check box. Then select your certificate for SSL. Finally save the site bindings

This is all you need to make your Asp.Net website to work on “SSL” without purchasing additional IP address per SSL.

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